An Emerging Imperative – The Supply Chain Analytics & Planning Platform

Running a lean and efficient supply chain is no longer enough. Faced with rapidly changing market conditions, new disruptive technologies, and evolving customer expectations, businesses need to also be agile and responsive. This simultaneous requirement for both efficiency and agility is what Gartner calls the bi-modal supply chain.

The bi-modal supply chain poses a real challenge because the enterprise planning systems used to run the traditional efficient supply chain are not flexible enough to adapt to rapid business change, and they don’t typically include the advanced analytics required by the agile supply chain — meanwhile, the analytics tools needed to address the agile supply chain are typically only used by data scientists and aren’t easily deployed to business users.View as Gartner Vice President Distinguished Analyst Noha Tohamy and LLamasoft Executive Vice President Toby Brzoznowski explain how leaders are leveraging a new class of technology known as “Analytics Platforms” which are emerging as the bridge between enterprise planning systems and advance analytics tools.

Watch this on-demand webcast to learn:

  • How limitations of existing enterprise planning and analytics systems are negatively impacting organizations
  • How a new apps-based, flexible approach to planning is enabling organizations to overcome the gaps in their existing systems
  • Which analytics capabilities are critical in a new platform for significant operational improvements
  • How this new approach works with your existing planning applications and why now is the time to adopt it

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