On-Demand Webinar

LLamasoft Design Competency Development: An Overview of DECODE

Building and sustaining a supply chain design competency takes effort.  It’s critical to “plan the work, and then work the plan”.  Fortunately, LLamasoft has created a methodology to help you build that plan, and then monitor and adjust that plan to continually address the most pressing needs of your business.  In this webinar, you’ll hear about the DECODE methodology and how we’ll help you build a detailed plan that covers the most important areas to ensure ongoing success – People, Process, Technology and Strategy – and continues to mature your Supply Chain Design competency.

Watch to learn:

  1. Overview of the DECODE methodology – a review of our three step approach
  2. Benefits of adopting DECODE methodology – hear how other LLamasoft customers are taking advantage of DECODE
  3. How to get started with DECODE – leveraging available resources and engaging with LLamasoft

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