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Video Transcription

Business analysts use all available data to answer strategically important questions, such as how do you increase profitability without sacrificing service? Is our capital employed in an optimal way? What’s the financial impact of acquiring our competitor? Can we lower business risk without sacrificing our commitment to sustainability? But when analysts set out to answer these important questions, they encounter the data challenge.

The challenge of gathering and cleansing the right data is complex, costly and time consuming. Data is in multiple locations, on multiple systems, and in multiple formats, and the size of the data often exceeds the capability of the desktop. You want this, but what you have to work with is this. So how can analysts work efficiently with big data without training or IT expertise? The solution? Data Guru.

Data Guru is a desktop productivity tool, designed specifically to help analysts easily gather and format data for further analytics. Data Guru can connect to any number of sources, transforming structured and unstructured data for useful modeling. No coding is required. Data Guru allows you to view any source, any file, anywhere, quickly analyzing content no matter what size your format. Data Guru can transform this source data through cleansing, comparing, aggregation, filtering, and merging, all within easy-to-use visual macros. Then, after transforming, publish this aggregate data to any file or application in any location for further use.

And that’s not all. Data Guru allows you to easily automate your next project by using the data workflows you’ve created through this visual interface. Data Guru makes you more self-reliant with the ability to deliver complex answers by extracting greater value from the ERP, web, and the big data that surrounds us all. Take the bridge to big data with Data Guru. Start today. Call 866-598-9831, or visit for your free demo. Data Guru From LLamasoft, the data design people.

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