Customer Testimonial – General Motors

Video Transcript

General Motors first started working with Llamasoft in 2014, so we’ve been on our journey for about two and a half, three years. GM did not actually have a strategic engineering team. We didn’t do any strategic design in our global logistics team. So, what we really wanted to do was bring that capability back in-house to GM and we needed a tool to be able to do that.

Our benefits to supply chain modeling is really that we’re able to do things quicker, we’re able to find cost savings more effectively, we’re able to visualize what our network actually looks like. All things that we weren’t able to do holistically before, where we subdivided all of our network out to our various service providers.

One of the things that GM had an issue with was really having everything sub-optimized to a mode level with our various service providers that worked for us. What we’re now able to do is take all that in-house. We’re the only people to have access to all the information that we need. And now we’re able to give ourselves a fully optimized network that we weren’t able to see before.

In our journey with Llamasoft, we’ve been working with the staff a lot. Everyone that we run across is very helpful, really wants everybody to learn about what they’re doing, and really wants to transition all that information. They’re not trying to hold it all back. And so we’ve had great relationships with everybody that we’ve worked at with Llamasoft.

So, for our team, our big issue right now is expansion. Global expansion of our group, we’ve trained a team in Brazil, we’re working with how we’re going to end up working out of our Asia Pacific group, and how that is going to end up working with Llamasoft, too.

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