Customer Testimonial – CHEP

Video Transcript

CHEP is so unique that it has lot of different customers and we have a lot of different sites. Might only have one or two SKU, but number of sites is in the thousands, so one of the biggest challenges we have is flow optimization. Working with Llamasoft is really how do we position our network, and what are the flows we need to make to get the most supply chain benefit.

CHEP is a very dynamic supply chain, so one of the things we will always want to do is incorporate what’s happening today into our modeling. We kind of gone into more of a strategic ongoing modeling. What Llamasoft lets us do is have any impact going on in real life, have them implement it in our modeling to have any of the scenarios, any of the questions answered having including what’s already happened.

As a designer, I do reach out to Llamasoft support quite often. What they do is they really kind of, they’re the second set of eyes on me. If I’m stuck in any of the modeling purpose or how to model something, they’re great to kind of help me, guide me, and give me suggestions how to move forward.

2017 we really want to kind of incorporate our other businesses into Llamasoft, so right now we only have our pooling palette business. I think going forward we have container business. Also, we’re trying to make our model as North America as a whole, so incorporate Mexico and Canada into our modeling.

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