Customer Testimonial – CHEP

Video Transcript

When I first started working with LLamasoft, the biggest challenge was taking this conceptual output and really operationalizing that for our business and really just getting that into more an informal action plan where our operations and planning logistics teams can actually implement in and take these recommendations that our team would have for the network design. The benefits of supply chain modeling for our company is really setting that strategic roadmap for the implementation operation teams to action that vision to ensure we meet our targets for cost savings, our targets for revenue and topline growth, and having a network that can sustain that.

The LLamasoft staff’s been great. They’re really a sounding board. They’re there to listen. They’re willing to support and help and just provide feedback even just to give us a fresh set of eyes, fresh perspective, even on mature processes our company has. The strategy for 2017 for our company really is just to make sure we have correct capacity. As a container pulling organization, we need to make sure we have the right production in the right spots and do it the most optimal way. It’s really we have a strategic roadmap. Now it’s a matter of actioning that with partnering with our operations and planning teams to execute.

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