Customer Testimonial – Belron

Video Transcript

Working in supply chain, you know how to solve a lot of problems, but just to get everybody on same page, and I think Llamasoft tools are great for that, because you get all the data in and then, in and end you talk the same language, you look at the same things. So, I think that that’s probably the biggest challenge that we had, and tools like this can really overcome that.

When I first started working with Llamasoft, I had a lot of training, which is very useful, and we were able then to replicate it within the organization, so it got me independent working with the tool. When it comes to the support, I mean, it’s always very responsive. It’s really good and they really want to solve your problems, which is great.

So, 2017, we’re still look at a network optimization but beyond that we’re going to be looking into simulation, into making everything a lot more repeatable as well. Making it quicker to run optimizations and simulations. Currently they’re long projects that drag on for a while, but I think the focus should be on getting a turn-around quicker.

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