Who is LLamasoft?

We help your people make smarter decisions, faster.

We shine where your current systems fall short.

Your current systems see only isolated parts of the supply chain, so you miss critical shared insights. They focus on executing yesterday’s policies, and don’t give you the ability to compare and test tomorrow’s new ideas. We break down functional silos and disrupt outdated approaches to supply chain decision-making by putting the power of understanding at everyone’s fingertips, enabling your organization to quickly make smarter decisions risk-free in a parallel digital world.

  • Nearly all of Gartner’s Supply Chain Top 25 companies have used LLamasoft technology



    50% of Fortune 100 companies have designed their supply chains with LLamasoft

  • Named the fastest growing North American supply chain software company in Deloitte’s Fast 500 for three years running



    We’ve supported over 2,000 supply chain design projects

  • 450+


    LLamasoft has over 450 employees in 14 countries

    Headquartered in the home town of the Michigan Wolverines – Ann Arbor, MI

    …but we still love our Michigan State llamas too

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Why the Llamas?

Llamas are cute, furry animals, and who wouldn’t love a llama?  Actually, we admire llamas as sturdy pack animals, and they were a critical element of ancient South American supply chains.  We also admire the Dalai Lama as a deep thinker, philosopher, and teacher of the highest order.  We’re inspired by both of these types of llamas, and our people and products reflect a combination of determined, hard-working effort and intellectual, creative, and highly sophisticated thinking.  One L for each!

LLamas in the Wild

Our Customers make us who we are.
Here’s a sampling of who we work with.

And Hundreds More

Calling All Risk Takers, Opinion Holders and Rule Breakers

We’re a fun-loving crew looking for smart, hardworking people to help us tackle complex supply chain challenges that have never been solved before. We want folks who are not only risk takers, but are willing to throw the rules out the window in order to completely change the game. We’re looking for people with opinions and voices who want to use them to change the world with us.

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