Nine Common Supply Chain Planning Problems You Can Solve Now with Planning by Design Apps

eBook: Nine Common Supply Chain Planning Problems You Can Solve Now with Planning by Design Apps
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New apps-based approach to planning enables rapid response to ever-changing business conditions—and improved supply chain planning decisions

Rapid response to change is essential to survival where market conditions and consumer demand fluctuate continually. Your supply chain decision-makers need tools that keep up with this rapid pace of change. Planning by Design is a web-based app building platform that connects directly to the world’s leading advanced optimization and analytics engines. It’s designed to quickly address unsolved planning problems so your team can more rapidly implement optimized decisions for significant improvement in cost and service.

Download this ebook to learn how to build apps that complement your existing planning systems to solve these common planning challenges—and nearly any other planning problem:

  1. S&OP Decision Support
  2. Production Capacity Planning
  3. Inventory Planning
  4. Long-Range Demand Modeling
  5. Sourcing Optimization
  6. Cost-to-Serve
  7. Transportation Asset Planning
  8. Supplier & Customer Collaboration
  9. Distribution Capacity Planning

Start making faster, smarter planning decisions today to be the leaders in your markets.

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