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The All New Supply Chain Guru

By Rebecca Janowiak  July 26, 2017

We’re excited about the upcoming launch of the entirely new Supply Chain Guru X – an incredibly intuitive and powerful supply chain design software. We’ve combined the best of multiple modeling applications to bring you a completely re-designed supply chain design platform that solves more problems and enables powerful visualization of your supply chain.




What’s Awesome About Supply Chain Guru X?

  • New Solving Capabilities: Detailed end-to-end financial, cost and process modeling across supply chain activities. Universal currency and multiple unit of measure support, taxes and duties, detailed transportation costing, and returns and reverse logistics modeling is now supported
  • Integrated Solvers and Cloud Solver: All four solvers included in Supply Chain Guru X including network optimization, inventory optimization, transportation optimization, and simulation with CloudSolver support for all solvers
  • Faster Workflows: The ability to run Data Guru projects directly within Supply Chain Guru X helps to build a model with a click of a button. Intuitive model-building tools and visual templates make building and analyzing your model incredibly fast
  • Localized User Interface: Supports German, French, Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish to keep your operations flowing globally
  • Configurable User Interface: Enables you to dock tabs and organize your workspace
  • Incredible Visualization and Reporting: Providing out-of-the-box reports or easily designed reports and graphs
  • Scenario Comparison: Quickly identify exactly what’s different between all output tables and between scenarios
  • Maps: Easily create maps and understand data visually with the differentiation feature. Quickly compare maps side-by-side and identify the differences with Map Sync
  • Dashboards: Bring all visual components together in one place to tell your story with the right amount of detail by pulling in graphs, reports, and maps on dashboards

Want to know more? Download the Supply Chain Guru X Brochure and Attend our August 9 Webinar

Learn about all of the features and functionality in the Supply Chain Guru X product brochure. And don’t forget to join our August 9 webinar to learn all about Supply Chain Guru X. This webinar will offer more information about our new solving capabilities and user interface, a product demonstration, how to get Supply Chain Guru X and much more!

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