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A Bold New Paradigm for Supply Chain Planning

A Bold New Paradigm for Supply Chain Planning

Most large and medium size companies have supply chain planning software of some kind.

But how many of those companies are truly satisfied with their planning applications? What’s more, most large companies have many holes in the planning software portfolios, and must work around those gaps with spreadsheets and other home-grown approaches, often needing more of this over time as the environment changes and the planning software does not.


Listen to this videocast to learn:

  • How the entire paradigm of supply chain software deployment may be changing, from a “heavy” model that locks users in place and lacks flexibility, to more of an apps-based approach
  • How a model-based apps approach to planning offers higher levels of agility, problem-solving precision, and far fewer limitations on designing planning solutions over time
  • How apps can be applied in conjunction with existing planning infrastructure for improvements in inventory deployment to advanced supply-demand matching to optimal transportation routing and much, much more

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