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Mobile Supply Chain Visualization and Design:
Supply Chain Sherpa

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Imagine designing a world-class supply chain on a touch-screen tablet and easily sharing it with colleagues or customers. Together you can explore options and visualize their impacts on cost, service, complexity, risk and sustainability. Could this new tool transform and facilitate the way you approach supply chain design?


Introducing LLamasoft Supply Chain Sherpa, a mobile supply chain modeling app developed to make supply chain design and what-if scenario analysis accessible to everyone throughout the extended enterprise.

Using your own data or built-in reference data, Supply Chain Sherpa quickly renders cost, service level, complexity and risk, providing rapid visualization of your supply chain design.

Turn Your Tablet Into a Powerful Mobile Network Design Tool:

  1. Rapidly prototype your supply chain design using your own data or built-in reference data
  2. Instantly visualize your supply chain design, including total material flow, inventory and constraint impacts. Use visual tools like configurable maps and graphs to view your service levels, complexity, costs and other metrics you choose.
  3. Share your designs with other Supply Chain Sherpa users via email or share them inside your company’s own workspace.

Mobile Extension of LLamasoft Network Design Platform

While it can be used as a standalone network design tool, the real power of Supply Chain Sherpa can be unleashed when used as part of the LLamasoft Supply Chain Design solution suite, including LLamasoft Supply Chain Guru and LLamasoft Transportation Guru.

  • 100 percent visual design environment
  • Built-in reference cost and performance data
  • Offline and online design capability

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