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Supply Chain Network Optimization

Supply Chain Network Optimization Software Supply Chain.

Network optimization can identify major improvements in cost, service, sustainability, and risk – often leading to total supply chain savings of 10 percent or more. The LLamasoft Supply Chain Guru and Transportation Guru applications provide the most complete and easy-to-use network optimization functionality in the market, including:

  • End-to-end model from tiers of suppliers to the customer
  • Detailed modeling of complex production processes, BOMs, multi-time period capacities, etc.
  • Comprehensive constraint modeling to accurately represent true behavior of your corporate supply chain
  • Flexible costing model to better represent unique supply chain characteristics
  • Easy-to-use scenario generation for detailed sensitivity analysis or multi-objective optimization
  • Rich visualization and reporting including interactive flow diagrams, transportation routing, and much more
  • Fastest solve times on the largest models

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