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Model, Optimize and Simulate Your Supply Chain

Supply Chain Guru. Supply Chain Simulation Software Tool For Supply Chain Optimization.

Ever ask yourself, ‘what if?’ Supply Chain Guru supply chain design software enables you to understand the answers through supply chain modeling, optimization and simulation, all within a single software application. Supply Chain Guru enables users to:

“We began our partnership with LLamasoft on Supply Chain Guru 2.0 in 2003 and are still an active customer at version 8.0. The reasons we chose LLamasoft back then are the same reasons we continue our relationship today: LLamasoft offers the most innovative supply chain design technology and the people we work with are knowledgeable and dedicated to customer success.”
— Ettore Piccirillo, Group CSE Director, Unilever
  1. Find Hidden Inefficiencies in the Current Supply Chain
    Supply Chain Guru offers multiple options for finding inefficiencies in the supply chain. Utilizing their own data pulled from multiple sources, users can create living models of their supply chain in order to visualize current operations and uncover problems and areas of inefficiency or risk. You can visualize your model in different ways utilizing maps, charts and graphs and dashboards.
  2. Run Scenario Analyses to Answer the Question, “What If…?”
    Sensitivity analysis enables you to make decisions in a digital environment in advance, instead of testing theories in the real world when the event actually happens. Optimize for different scenarios, based on assumptions around demand, costs, lead times and availability. Supply Chain Guru can show not only the cost-optimal supply chain network design, but also the optimal design given variations in your assumptions.
  3. Test Outcomes Using Simulation Technology
    The Supply Chain Guru discrete event simulation engine enables users to test supply chain designs to make sure they will function as planned in the face of real world variables and business needs. Utilize simulation to test different courses of action to mitigate risk and unplanned events and evaluate contingency plans.

Supply Chain Guru is the only supply chain design application that integrates all of the following supply chain optimization and analysis algorithms into a single tool, with a unified database and user-interface. With a single dataset and interface, it supports an iterative, end-to-end modeling cycle for continuous improvement of the supply chain. View Supply Chain Guru’s key modeling features


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