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LLamasoft Supply Chain Design Solutions

Is your supply chain the result of a series of historical accidents or is it thoughtfully engineered to compete and win against the other leading companies in your market? Supply chain design is:

  • A key competency that industry leaders use to continuously re-engineer their supply chain against ever changing market conditions
  • A process that simultaneously focuses on both long-term breakthroughs and near-term enhancements to the corporate supply chain
  • A technology platform that enables modeling of the end-to-end supply chain, simulation of new scenarios, optimization of the network, and the balance of cost, service, sustainability, and risk
  • A focus on all aspects of supply chain operations, including sourcing, production, inventory, and transportation
  • A language used across the company to communicate the importance of addressing not just the “what is” but the “what can be”

Innovative LLamasoft supply chain design products combine with the experienced LLamasoft solutions team to offer a wide range of solutions which have helped hundreds of companies reduce supply chain costs and improve operational efficiencies.

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