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Enterprise Supply Chain Simulation

Discrete Event Simulation (DES) has been used for many years by factory and logistics planners to analyze and improve complicated business systems. Supply Chain Guru uses SimServer™, a supply chain-specific simulation engine developed by LLamasoft to apply the power of simulation to enterprise-level supply chain networks.

By stepping through individual orders that generate shipments and simulating production as it might happen in real time, simulation allows supply chain designers and analysts to really understand the impacts of proposed changes to a supply network.

The Supply Chain Guru simulation engine enables users to test supply chain designs to make sure they will function as planned in the face of real world variables and business needs. Based on the same supply chain model used for optimizing the network, the discrete event simulation (DES) engine helps users simulate real or forecasted demand over a time period in order to observe the new design’s performance and gather statistics like total product flow time, inventory levels, stock outs, and customer service levels, which can then be measured and analyzed.

Millions of locations and SKUs can be modeled and analyzed individually, or as groups. Pre-defined business policies for inventory, sourcing, transportation, and production processes enable rapid model configuration. A built in logical scripting language provides you with the ability to create fully customized business logic, objects, and rules to capture true business behavior you need the extra detail.

Simulation technology:

  • Enables designers to test a new supply chain design in a Supply Chain Guru modeling sandbox, before implementation in the real world
  • Is based on the same supply chain model used for network optimization
  • Allows designers to understand and mitigate risks and bottlenecks that may occur due to lead times, demand fluctuations or processing time variations, which are not visible in an optimization model based on flows and averages
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