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Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP)

Sales and Operations Planning Software S&OP Software.

Sales and operations planning is a key planning process that seeks to balance supply and demand, linking strategy with operations. The LLamasoft S&OP solution goes much further than simple “balancing”. Using Supply Chain Guru as the planning and optimization engine, S&OP can become a key driver for optimizing resource utilization and maximizing return on assets.

Optimization of very large models can be performed quickly and easily, and the LLamasoft S&OP solution can be linked directly to data sources throughout the enterprise, such as SAP, Oracle, custom databases or even desktop spreadsheets.

LLamasoft’s unique model-based planning approach exceeds the functionality found in other products. While those products can keep data current through similar data connections, The LLamasoft S&OP solution addresses the much more difficult challenge of maintaining a current planning model by enabling users to take models off line and analyze “what-if” scenarios. In this way S&OP moves from being a reactive method of allocating capacity to a truly proactive capability to unlock the power of true forward looking strategic planning.

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