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LLamasoft Products Overview

The LLamasoft supply chain design software suite provides a single platform to model, analyze and optimize the end-to-end supply chain. LLamasoft supply chain modeling technology is available in a variety of deployment methods, including desktop, enterprise and mobile. Utilize supply chain simulation to test new solutions under real-world conditions. Choose to leverage the LLamasoft cloud data center to expand processing power without additional IT or infrastructure expense. Expand supply chain design to an enterprise-wide collaborative platform using K2 Enterprise.

Data Services Data Guru K2 Cloud Solver K2 Enterprise Supply Chain Guru Transportation Guru Supply Chain Sherpa

Supply Chain Guru enables users to model, optimize and simulate their supply chain network operations. Design alternatives and explore the service, performance, costs and risks associated with change, all within a single integrated software platform. is the industry’s first SaaS-based supply chain design platform. Elevate models to the Web as enterprise-wide working documents for collaborative, continuous improvement and innovation.

Transportation Guru integrates network design and transportation routing, enabling optimization of global transportation networks and simulation of cost and service improvements to existing transportation operations.

K2 Enterprise is a customer-installed enterprise supply chain design platform to elevate modeling to a company-wide function.

Supply Chain Sherpa allows users to rapidly prototype supply chain designs using a touch-screen tablet.

Data Guru simplifies the transformation of data for business users and creates documented, repeatable, time-saving workflows.

Data Services provides supply chain design benchmark and reference data to reduce model building time and validate inputs and outputs against realistic standards.

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