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Product Flow-Path Optimization

Product Flow Path Optimization Software.

In any supply chain, there are hundreds of different paths that each product could follow to go from the supplier to the end customer. Product flow-path combinations can include a wide range of variables including transportation modes, order quantities, container types, production facilities, packaging options, shipping ports, distribution centers or parcel carriers—and each combination can produce drastically different total landed costs.

LLamasoft’s product flow-path solution enables companies to analyze all the various combinations to determine the optimal lowest landed cost for each individual SKU, analyzing:

  • Inbound consolidation and cross-docking strategies
  • Proper selection of ports and percent flow through each location
  • Air versus ocean or less-than-truckload (LTL) versus multi-stop truckload
  • Alternate mix of production across multiple regions
  • Direct-to-store versus centralized distribution

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