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K2 Enterprise: Centralized Supply Chain Modeling Environment

Performing supply chain design on a desktop may work for a single user or a few isolated design projects, but for companies desiring long-term competitive advantage through global supply chain design initiatives, a collaborative centralized modeling platform is required.

LLamasoft K2 Enterprise elevates supply chain design from an individual workstation application to an organizational supply chain design optimization platform. Designed to support supply chain design centers of excellence and global design teams, K2 Enterprise enables centralized, secure access to enterprise data, models and project information for knowledge retention. The K2 Enterprise platform saves time and offloads work from individual workstations by running dozens or hundreds of scenarios in parallel in your internal cloud.

K2 Enterprise Solution Components

K2 Enterprise supports corporate supply chain design initiatives by:

  1. Providing a centralized project knowledge repository and enabling collaborative model building and organization of unstructured enterprise data
  2. Enabling users to leverage the processing power of enterprise servers while continuing to work productively on the desktop
  3. Allowing Web-based management of model and project access, design engines and reporting
  4. Providing seamless integration with Supply Chain Guru

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