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K2 Cloud Solver

Solve multiple models simultaneously and leverage the full power of the cloud for faster run times. K2 Cloud Solver enables users to solve models remotely and leverage the full power of the cloud for faster run times and expedited creation of larger models, while freeing up local computers.

“I just ran three months of a very large one-year network optimization model. It took more than six hours ‘locally’, and using K2 Cloud Solver it took 30 minutes and 24 seconds. Awesome performance! This was with 15,000+ sites, 10,000+ products, 50,000 policies and 125,000 shipments.”
— LLamasoft 3PL Customer

Plus, multiple models and scenarios can be sent to K2 Cloud Solver to be run simultaneously.

K2 Cloud Solver expedites Supply Chain model solving by providing:

  • The increased processing capacity of the cloud to run larger, more complex models
  • The ability to solve multiple scenarios simultaneously
  • Freedom for users to use their desktop computer while the model is solving
  • Enhanced model status screen for both local and remote solving

K2 Cloud Solver can be utilized to solve Network Optimization, Simulation & Greenfield Analysis  models.

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