Supply Chain Design Software for Manufacturing Companies


Identify Optimal Connection to Inbound and Outbound Material and Finished Goods Flow

While most manufacturers spend to make plants more efficient within the four walls of their facilities, understanding the plant’s connection to inbound and outbound flows of material and finished goods is a competitive advantage in a global market.

Manufacturing industry challenges LLamasoft solutions address:

  • Shift from long production cycles to lean approaches to minimize waste
  • Managing excess capacity in a down market
  • Dynamic labor and material costs as source markets shift
  • Government focus on CO2 emissions restrictions
  • Limited capital expenditure investments available

Many LLamasoft Supply Chain Guru capabilities have been designed to support the manufacturers. For example, network optimization and inventory optimization can be used to evaluate emerging market sourcing and inventory policies and the impact on total supply chain costs. These approaches can also be used to identify optimal production locations given cost and capacity constraints. Supply and demand balancing can be used
to identify the lowest cost solution for satisfying season demand, given production and warehousing capacity constraints. Green House Gas (GHG) emissions modeling can be used to identify cost tradeoffs associated with reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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Design the Optimal Supply Chain by Leveraging Supply Chain Planning

Optimize the flow of goods to maximize capacity at the lowest supply chain cost.
Stop reacting to supply chain disruptions after the fact. Instead identify common reasons for the order delays or demand variations for analysis to fix the root cause, and not just react to the symptoms. Optimiza offers:

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