Supply Chain Design and Planning Software for the Aerospace Industry

Network Optimization and Inventory Optimization Solutions for a Responsive Supply Chain

Many Supply Chain Guru features have been designed specifically to support the challenges facing the aerospace industry. For example, multi- period optimization is used in program analysis to understand lifecycle supply chain costs for a program. Analysts use enterprise simulation to predict service level and cost implications of adding variability to supplier and transportation lead times.

Network optimization has been used to identify mutually-beneficial manufacturing and distribution strategies for multi-tier supplier networks. Inventory optimization helps optimize for a responsive supply chain
that is designed for both pull (make to order) and push (make to stock) processes.

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Manage Excess Maintenance and Repair Costs while Covering Overall Demand

You’re faced with increased pressure to create sustainable results for equipment uptime while delivering improved financial performance to the bottom line. LLamasoft has developed a best practice approach to execute the various components of a MRO solution. We recognize that to deliver results in MRO planning you not only need a tool to help execute, but well trained users and a well understood and entrenched process. The LLamasoft MRO solution helps you understand demand, cover demand, and create strategies for critical products that have very little demand, with the appropriate inventory as determined by constraints and risk of the supply chain.

Our step by step MRO approach is a proven and practical way of delivering project success and sustainable results. Optimiza is a Demand Planning, Supply Planning and Inventory Management Tool focused on the executional part of the Supply Chain. Optimiza combines in depth functionality at all MRO planning levels, with high usability, and is backed by a robust implementation methodology.

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