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Supply Chain Design for Global Health Organizations

Public Health Supply Chain Design Public Health Industry.

Lives depend on the supply chains of global health organizations. Medical and other life-saving supplies need to make it to those in need, regardless of the conditions working against them.

LLamasoft has worked on numerous global health projects throughout Africa and Central America. We have:

  • Managed the distribution of medical supplies to emerging markets
  • Redesigned transportation networks through transportation network optimization to maximize service levels
  • Helped coordinate large volume, low frequency shipments of supplies


  • JSI
  • Supply Chain Management System (SCMS)
  • The World Bank
  • World Health Organization (WHO)


USAID | DELIVER PROJECT Leverages LLamasoft Modeling Technology for Global Health“Supply chain optimization analysis is a powerful tool that yields real results, with quantifiable savings and measurable performance improvements. It is a common tool and best practice in commercial supply chains; it should also be used in public health supply chains.”
— USAID | DELIVER PROJECT report: Optimizing Supply Chains for Improved Performance, 6/14

Read the USAID | DELIVER PROJECT report to understand how optimization helps address common global health questions such as:

  • What would be the impact if a new vaccine was introduced in the supply chain?
  • Can I unify multiple distribution systems into one?
  • How many warehouses do I need and where should they be located?
  • What types of vehicles do I need and how many?

Download PDF: USAID | DELIVER PROJECT: Optimizing Supply Chains for Improved Performance

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