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Data Guru: Extract and Transform Enterprise Data

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The process of gathering and cleansing model data can be time-consuming and complex. Data sets which drive optimization and simulation models reside in multiple locations and formats, sometimes in huge file sizes. How can business analysts efficiently work with big data without extensive training or query-building expertise? LLamasoft Data Guru simplifies the transformation of data and creates documented, repeatable, time-saving workflows. The interactive, visual tool removes coding and query-building from the process and enables business analysts to effectively work with big data.


guru-thumbnail Data Guru is an invaluable tool for any business analyst accessing and transforming data, in any industry.
Visit the Data Guru website for detailed product information.

How Data Guru Simplifies and Speeds Working with Model Data:

  • Connect: Easily create and manage connections with any data source, no matter where the data resides. The Data Guru SAP Connector enables direct access to SAP data.
  • View: Preview and analyze data from any application or source environment, regardless of location or file size.
  • Transform: Use an intuitive interface to edit, sculpt, and transform data into the unified format you require for modeling and analysis.
By creating repeatable workflows and retaining and documenting modeling knowledge, Data Guru reduces future model building time.
  • Publish: Run the connectors, transforms and sequencing to publish data from any number of sources into your desired destination.
  • Automate: Use the application to create self-documenting data transformation routines that can be easily understood and re-purposed.
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